Check out this amazing bathroom remodel in Dublin!

Recently we were called to home in Blanchardstown to help out with a needy bathroom!  We saw an immediate need to bust up this bathroom and turn it into something beautiful!  Bathroom Busters provided the best quote offering discounts where available and the home owner wasted no time in hiring us for the project.

We understand how important your new bathroom is! Generally speaking a bathroom will last for around 15 years (more or less depending on preference) before a refurbish is desired by home owners.  It’s a long time between bathrooms and we aim to get your bathroom looking super modern with luxury bathroom ware so you can enjoy it well into the future!  

Check out the images before Bathroom Busters, busted their moves!

Bathoom renovation dublin Bathroom renovation Dublin Bathroom Renovation before image


After just one week this needy bathroom turned into a dream space that the new home owners could enjoy for many years to come.  See results below:


Bathroom Busters Renovation job Dublin  Bathroom Busters bathroom renovation Dublin Bathroom renovation Dublin


We wish them all the best and know they are really going to enjoy this bathroom!

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