Small bathroom remodel Dublin 6

Amazing small bathroom renovation in Dublin 6! Dublin Small Bathroom Remodel  We recently had the pleasure renovating a small bathroom in Rathgar Dublin 6 for a lovely couple that had recently returned from overseas and needed to renovate their property. Small bathrooms, can be particularly tricky with getting the right specification to fit well in
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Dublin 5 – star Bathroom Review

Another 5 star bathroom renovation review! We recently renovated a very needy bathroom in Castleknock Dublin 15 for Sheelagh Gartlan who was so delighted with our work and result she decided to rate Bathroom Busters 5 out of 5 on Google! Bathrooms are the second most used rooms in a home, after bedrooms, so it
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Bathroom Renovation Success

OMG the floor! Our recent bathroom renovation in Marino Dublin required some pretty hands on work rebuilding the bathroom floor. Sometimes, if a bathroom or any home improvement remodel is left to long the consequences could be devastating. In this situaiton the bathroom floor was completely rotted through and needed our urgent Bathroom Busters response
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Bathroom Renovation Bliss!

Remodel Bliss Our recent bathroom renovation project took us to a home in Raheny Dublin 5.  See results below!   The owners had the old style bathroom design, where the bathroom was separate to the toilet. This was a design used many years ago and to be fair, there is a lot of practical perks
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Coolmine Training Center Renovation

Bathroom Busters Business Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Busters work with both commercial and domestic customers to provide the best quality bathrooms at the cheapest possible price! We believe a great bathroom doesn’t have to cost you a fortune – regardless of being a business or a domestic home. Our motto is get the best quality for
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