Bathroom Renovation 5-STAR Review!

We recently renovated a bathroom at Mary Bells’ Dublin home. Her bathroom had not been updated for a long time, like most bathrooms we see, so it was time to turn this old style bathroom into a fab new modern design that Mary could enjoy for the next ten years! Generally speaking, bathroom’s should be updated every 10 years!

A very common bathroom design from the past is the type of white sink and bath tub that you can see in the before images…

Before images...

Five reasons why we always get 5-STAR Reviews

Bathroom Busters is Dublin’s preferred Bathroom renovation company – How do we know this? We are the most searched bathroom company on Google and generally we are ranked 1st or 2nd organically by Google. Word gets around about our work – sure it can be a lot of pressure to keep doing amazing work, but we have a great team, most being with Bathroom Busters since our inception 7 years ago.  

Which leads this to the 1st reason we get lots of 5 star reviews:

1. All our staff have well over 10 years bathroom renovation experience with the owner having over 20 years working in domestic and commercial bathrooms for other top Bathroom renovation companies in Dublin.

2. As Mary has noted in her review, we always leave homes left in perfect condition after each days work! We know how stressful it can be having people in your home working.

3. We offer the best quote in Dublin for domestic and commercial bathrooms. You wont get a quote cheaper for the quality you’re getting from Bathroom Busters and all our bathrooms come with a guarantee! 

4. All our designs are bespoke – we create the bathroom exactly how you want it – we don’t come to your home and tell you what’s best for you (unless you’re asking – then we’re only to happy to assist in design).

5. Lastly – and the most important is like Mary Bells’ – we make sure the final bathroom looks amazing and you just want to jump right into the shower/or bath!

See below images of Mary’s new bathroom! We took out the bath because Mary didn’t really use it, so in the effort to create more space and provide a beautiful spacious area, we replaced the bath with a shower with an extended floor area for more space. The Black rainfall head shower is currently the most popular style. This power shower combined with light shaded large tiles allows the bathroom to be decorated anyway the client chooses. Or it looks great just the way it is!

After images!

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