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Business Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Busters work with both commercial and domestic customers to provide the best quality bathrooms at the cheapest possible price!

We believe a great bathroom doesn’t have to cost you a fortune – regardless of being a business or a domestic home.

Our motto is get the best quality for the best price with Bathroom Busters!

Our recent bathroom renovation project took us to Coolmine Training Center. We renovated both the male and female bathrooms, replacing old bathroom ware with modern new bathroom features, which included a wall heater, which we’re sure their students and staff will love during the cold months!

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All business or training institute bathrooms really need a heater in the winter time. Bathroom’s are the coldest rooms in a building during the winter season. They really need to be kept at a suitable temperature!

bathroom heating renovation company Dublin

Discrete men’s bathroom mini cubicle below:

Men's bathroom cubicle renovation
Bathroom Busters renovation company dublin

Modern, stylish - easy to keep clean!

The tiles on the wall are Grey large tiles. These tiles are very popular for business bathrooms because of their simplicity style and easy to clean surface.

Bathroom Renovation Dublin Company

The women’s bathroom cubicle panel door above are carefully cut to size from light oakĀ  and we use grey surround panels to keep with the overall colour theme of the bathroom.

PS. We decided to keep the sneaky shot of Paul Ward, Bathroom Busters Director taking a photo here…..

Men's bathroom cubicles below

Bathroom busters renovation company Dublin