May 11, 2017

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Are you planning a home improvement project? Or perhaps you’re in the middle of  one and need help? Bathroom Busters, not only renovate great bathrooms but we are expert tilers, qualified plumbers and heating installers.

Kitchens can be a tricky business when installing yourself to save money, or giving your kitchen a make over with new appliances. Lots of structure and piping work to consider, which can affect your heating or water.

It’s always better to get an expert where it counts and save time and money on unforeseeable mistakes.

Make sure you add tiling the walls and floors as part of your make over. A grubby old background versus a modern new background can completely change an ambiance of a renovated kitchen.

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Bathroom Busters Dublin

The Perfect Surrounding

It’s hard to find exactly what you want in pre ordered kitchens, so often its a better idea to select a tile design you like for the walls and flooring, covers for your wall unit and bench top, and go shopping for stools and appliances that will fit into your overall design!

Contact us before you start your home improvement project and we’ll be happy to advise you the best strategy for remodelling your kitchen.

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